A contemporary artisan style brand. 

We are conscious about the environment we live in and so, we wish

preserve it to the best we can. Here is a list of some of the practices we abide by:


We use no artificial scents:

You’ll never find any artificial fragrance, additives or colouring in our products. All of our products resemble a particular colour; and it is as a result of the natural colour of the natural ingredients.


Animal Friendly 

Paragon Free 

Vegan Friendly 

Palm Oil Free

We have nothing to do with animal testing and never will. Use eco-friendly products and recyclable packaging where we can. 

Packaging: ISO 9001-2008 certification:

Made in England our bottles use: PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET can provide the following advantages: 

Good barrier characteristics against carbon dioxide and oxygen
Lighter weight bottles can be made
High breakage resistance to avoid risk and injury
Suitable for recycling


    We value applications from diverse corner of the spectrum. We do not and will not tolerate all forms of discrimination whether, race, cultural, religion, sexuality, class, ageism and disability. We do not prioritise education, skills or talent all of which can be learnt. We do value candidates which demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and creativity all of which cannot be authentically passed down through patriarchal political ideological structures of violence. 

    Handmade with love in London, England.